Sunday, December 4, 2016

                             Way To Happiness!

It came from far and went back in a flash,
It came back again & in my fist it crashed,
You don't need to own everything to be lucky,
Even the progressing waves of the sea can make you happy!

The sparrow chirped in my ear & away it flew,
The sound was same but the song was new,
Don't wait to meet new people until you become inventive,
How you decipher the same voices everytime is what makes you creative.

A sunny day it was but rain started to pour,
A gloomy day finally ended with a colorful rainbow @ four.
Don't lose hope when time is not right,
Remember- every dark lining is surrounded by light.

So when current status is not how you want it to be,
Sea waves and bird chirps are still there to make you happy.
At times, life can be really really silly,
But remember- Winning is not about doing different things, but doing things differently.

Cheers!  :)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Life Cycle

Life told me its time to have fun,
I understood that I need not worry atleast until I turn a dozen.

Life told me its time to pursue passion,
I understood that theatre is my life and stage is my fashion.

Life told me its time to listen to heart,
I understood that I need to confess to the one who is becoming my life's inseparable part.

Life pushed me and growled that its time to move on,
I understood that its night time, I need to wait only until dawn.

Life told me that she can still be beautiful, not always a fight,
I understood that its very true, we just need to use the right sight.

Life is now telling me start running, the walk is over,
What I am understanding is that its time to minimize fun and start earning dollars!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tum hi the.....

Tried writing a parody of 2013 bollywood hit "Tum hi ho".....

"तेरे लिए ही जिया मै, खुद जो यु दे दिया है,
तेरी वफ़ा ने मुझको संभाला, सारे गमो को दिल से निकला,
तेरे साथ मेरा है नसीब जुड़ा, तुझे पाके  अधूरा ना रहा.…
क्युकी तुम ही हो…"

Sad Version:
"हो के जुदा ना खुश रहा मै, तेरी यादों ने कर दिया है,
मेरे जीवन को बेसहारा, सूखी नदी का जैसे किनारा,
 तू ही ख्वाब था मेरा तू ही था सपना जुदा हो क अधूरा ही राह… 
क्युकी तुम ही थे.…"

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sail Sale

"All set, we are ready to sail", shouted the captain,
Some were calm as it was just the starting while others were getting insane.

Quarter way through, sail was smooth,
Sea was calm & passengers were cool.

Suddenly the sea got angry, huge tides started swinging the ship left & right,
Sail was already slow, this made situation all the more tight.

Few passengers were pacifying and helping others while were only finding an escape for themselves,
Once safe, the latter category would scream and shout as if teasing the rest.

"How far is the destination", the captain asked his crew,
The crew shouted back,"Long way to go captain, we are not even half way through".

Whats gonna happen now would be interesting to see,
Would some passengers be thrown to increase the speed of the ship or would nearest island be reached and let everyone be free.

Right now, I can see everybody praying for their lives,
All of them anxiously waiting for the sea to calm & ship to rise.

And though the captain is extremely talented and fantastic,
The dream of sailing round the world in 10 days was somewhat unrealistic

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The One Someone

There lives someone in a far away land,
A cute idiot of whom I'm a big fan.

Though I meet hundred people in a day,
But there is someone for whom anytime, I can change my way.

Though I'm not able to take several calls while at work,
But there's someone I'll always talk to no matter I've to be working from dawn to dusk.

Though I may not be very well connected with everyone I know,
But there is someone I always feel near where ever I go.

And though I may keep writing like this as long as I want,
But there is someone on who is calling, so ending this right here with a full stop.

Monday, November 4, 2013

When You Miss Someone...

Seems like this setting Sun will never rise,
Seems like I'm filled with sorrows and cries,
Feelings like these come very rarely,
This happens when I'm missing you badly.

Seems like these rains and thunderstorm would never stop,
Seems like everything around is very boring and flop,
Feelings like these come very rarely,
This happens when I'm missing you badly.

Seems like I'm only acting stupid,
Seems like I should be quiet and let my thoughts get burried,
And though the above line said may be very true,
I'm sorry dear, still missing you!

:- |    

Monday, October 14, 2013

Its You: Part II

Its not when the raindrops touch my face,
Its not when the dark clouds by the cool breeze get  erased,
I feel happy only when you are there,
Happiness then fills the air.

Its not when I am dancing to the beat of a song,
Its not when I get to eat my favourite dish after waiting for long,
I enjoy only when you are there,
Enjoyment is in your scolds and in the way you care.

Its not when I pass examination with A+ grades,
Its not when I give all the answers to every question raised,
I feel satisfied when you are there,
Satisfaction is in sitting besided you and pulling your hair.

Its not when I have lot of time and nothing to do,
Its not when responsibilities on shoulders are very few,
I feel carefree when you are there,
Everything seems so good without presence of fear.

Its not only when I see you in person,
Its not only when I actually pull your hair,
You may not be always walking besides me,
But your presence seems to be everywhere....


Monday, September 23, 2013

Live Life Before Life Leaves Living

We don't know what all is there for us,
But we wanna take everything.
We don't know which chord may be harmful for us,
But we wanna play with all the strings.

We don't know what is happiness,
But we don't wanna leave anything in fear of being sad.
We don't know what is 'Being in peace',
But we want everything to make us mad.

We don't know what will make us feel depressed,
But we want to experience every situation.
We don't know what causes frustration,
But we wanna overuse God's every creation

We don't know what is good,
Neither do we know what is bad.
The only truth of life that we know is,
It takes away slowly with it, all that we had.

All the things we get,
All the emotions we go through,
All the chords of life that we are able to strike,
Are just a feather in the wing.
Zinda ho abhi, jee bhar k jee lo yaaro,
Coz death is the end of everything.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Its You!

When you speak, your words seem like a song,
Which every time is like, this the one that I wanted to hear for long.

When you scold, your anger exhibits only love and care,
Seems like you are only trying to say, "Don't worry, I'm here".

When you laugh, you fill the air with happiness,
Even the most depressed living being feels relieved of stress.

When you are serious, even the leaves stop reacting to moving air,
Your dominance is evident everywhere.

When you are sad, the fragrance of flowers vanishes and every living head gets down in grief,
And when you are back to normal, everyone becomes joyous in relief!

As I continue to write, what I truly think of you,
Please understand that feelings like this can't be expressed in words which are very few.

All I can say is that of all the people I have seen, you may not be the best,
Dil se bolu to, you are only better than the rest!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

PaGaL GuY Ki Duniya...

 अपने ऑफिस से आपको मिलवाता हूँ आज,
ध्यान से सुनिए खुलने वाला है राज़,
सीधे  नहीं, हम सारे है थोड़े से सटके,
पर कलाकारियाँ हमारी है दुनियां से हटके।।

आल्विन सर है इस परिवार में सबसे supreme,
MBA की दुनियाँ  को बेहतर बनाते रहना है उनकी dream,
अपने idea को किया materialize  बना डाला एक online MBA portal,
The first of its kind which is expected to remain immortal.

Tech. team के सदस्य देते है हमारी website को रूप और रंग,
ऐसी कोडिंग ये करते जिसे कोई ना कर पाए भंग,
एक तरफ बैठते रवि जिनके हँसी के ठहाके ऑफिस में भूकंप ले आते,
तो दूसरी तरफ है संदीप जो हमारे Maafia gang के God है कहलाते ।।
राम जी है शांतिप्रिय, web designing से इनका नाता है गहरा,
मेरठ नगर के प्रांजल है इस team का सबसे नया चेहरा ।।

Editorial team की जिम्मेवारी है सारी MBA related news को ढूँढना,
पूरे भारत के BSchools पर रहती इनकी नज़र, छोड़ते नहीं ये कोई भी कोना,
लाजवंती संभालती है Mumbai से ये section,
Her articles are so perfect that there is no any room for correction.
Delhi में है इस टीम के दो सदस्य और,
No matter how much news they have hunted, they always want more,
अपूर्व के articles आजकल नयी Website के improvements के बारे में करते है बात,
आस्था की तेज़ नज़र से चूकती नहीं कोई News, दिन हो या रात ।।

Servicing टीम का support keeps all the functions smooth,
They ensure that all deliverables are delivered as per decided rules.
गीताश्री पहुँच जाती है ऑफिस बाकी सबके जागने से भी पहले,
In managing payments & receipts account, she is better than any software of Tally.
विजया से लिया हमने सर्विसिंग का ज्ञान,
मज़ाक के समय ये रहती सबसे आगे  पर काम के समय रहती बिलकुल शांत।
बातुल है इस टीम की सबसे quiet member,
नम्रता is always seen with a smile and never in anger

अभी तक मैंने आपको 12 लोगो से मिलवाया,
Insanity का ख़िताब जिन्होंने इस ऑफिस में है पाया,
मिलवाता हूँ आपको Sales team से, जिसकी जनसँख्या है यहाँ सबसे ज्यादा,
 हर एक bschool  चले उन्नति की राह पर,यही है इस  टीम का इरादा ।।

सौमिक सर है इस टीम के commander,
This man is the king in the league of best planners,
He aims for the stars and ends up achieving something more than that,
And this is, when he says that he is a Sales guy by accident ||

आश्विन profession से है marketer & hobby से है rapper,
On one of his pics, he was commented that he seems to have grown only in the last 3 years।।
 प्रियंका  संभालती है K'tka region,
To travel and explore new places, she is ready in any season।।
 सुकिता की बातें रहती है very straight forward,
PG family में हम  कह सकते है इनको Dancing God।।
Sales team की silent artist है अंकिता नय्यर,
Quietly, she prospects, and then bang on the target she fires।।
सुमित  है Northern territory के specialist,
 Besides being a wonderful marketer, he's also a very good guitarist।।
ये सारे है sales टीम के मोती सुन्हेरे,
Picture अभी बाकी है मेरे दोस्त,इस टीम में है कई नए चेहरे।।
 अंकित का काम रहता है always very perfect,
मोहानीश अपनी बात साबित कर ही देता है चाहे वो wrong हो या correct।।
श्वेता बोलती है कम, करती है direct point पे बात,
सुपर्णा करती very smart work, बस patience नहीं इनके साथ।।
तनवी को nickname देना हो तो कह सकते है यहाँ की Wikipedia,
चारी ने करी चट मंगनी पट ब्याह और भग लिया Out Of India.

तो ये है हमारी छोटी सी Pagalguy की दुनियाँ,
हम रहते है सबसे आगे और इरादा है और आगे बढ़ते रहना,
सबसे आपका कराया हमने Introduction,
इस नाचीज़ को कहते है Mayank Tandon ||