Monday, September 23, 2013

Live Life Before Life Leaves Living

We don't know what all is there for us,
But we wanna take everything.
We don't know which chord may be harmful for us,
But we wanna play with all the strings.

We don't know what is happiness,
But we don't wanna leave anything in fear of being sad.
We don't know what is 'Being in peace',
But we want everything to make us mad.

We don't know what will make us feel depressed,
But we want to experience every situation.
We don't know what causes frustration,
But we wanna overuse God's every creation

We don't know what is good,
Neither do we know what is bad.
The only truth of life that we know is,
It takes away slowly with it, all that we had.

All the things we get,
All the emotions we go through,
All the chords of life that we are able to strike,
Are just a feather in the wing.
Zinda ho abhi, jee bhar k jee lo yaaro,
Coz death is the end of everything.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Its You!

When you speak, your words seem like a song,
Which every time is like, this the one that I wanted to hear for long.

When you scold, your anger exhibits only love and care,
Seems like you are only trying to say, "Don't worry, I'm here".

When you laugh, you fill the air with happiness,
Even the most depressed living being feels relieved of stress.

When you are serious, even the leaves stop reacting to moving air,
Your dominance is evident everywhere.

When you are sad, the fragrance of flowers vanishes and every living head gets down in grief,
And when you are back to normal, everyone becomes joyous in relief!

As I continue to write, what I truly think of you,
Please understand that feelings like this can't be expressed in words which are very few.

All I can say is that of all the people I have seen, you may not be the best,
Dil se bolu to, you are only better than the rest!