Monday, October 14, 2013

Its You: Part II

Its not when the raindrops touch my face,
Its not when the dark clouds by the cool breeze get  erased,
I feel happy only when you are there,
Happiness then fills the air.

Its not when I am dancing to the beat of a song,
Its not when I get to eat my favourite dish after waiting for long,
I enjoy only when you are there,
Enjoyment is in your scolds and in the way you care.

Its not when I pass examination with A+ grades,
Its not when I give all the answers to every question raised,
I feel satisfied when you are there,
Satisfaction is in sitting besided you and pulling your hair.

Its not when I have lot of time and nothing to do,
Its not when responsibilities on shoulders are very few,
I feel carefree when you are there,
Everything seems so good without presence of fear.

Its not only when I see you in person,
Its not only when I actually pull your hair,
You may not be always walking besides me,
But your presence seems to be everywhere....


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