Monday, May 26, 2014

Sail Sale

"All set, we are ready to sail", shouted the captain,
Some were calm as it was just the starting while others were getting insane.

Quarter way through, sail was smooth,
Sea was calm & passengers were cool.

Suddenly the sea got angry, huge tides started swinging the ship left & right,
Sail was already slow, this made situation all the more tight.

Few passengers were pacifying and helping others while were only finding an escape for themselves,
Once safe, the latter category would scream and shout as if teasing the rest.

"How far is the destination", the captain asked his crew,
The crew shouted back,"Long way to go captain, we are not even half way through".

Whats gonna happen now would be interesting to see,
Would some passengers be thrown to increase the speed of the ship or would nearest island be reached and let everyone be free.

Right now, I can see everybody praying for their lives,
All of them anxiously waiting for the sea to calm & ship to rise.

And though the captain is extremely talented and fantastic,
The dream of sailing round the world in 10 days was somewhat unrealistic

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