Saturday, December 18, 2010


Some years ago,on this blue earth,
In a beautiful family,a child took birth.

Years passed by and the child grew double her age,
When 1 day I met her on the drama stage.

At first sight she seemed to be a confused headed girl,
But actually this confused personality is a golden pearl.

Golden I say not only because she always shines in a crowd of silly stones,
But because even her presence makes even those people shine who actually are dull bones.

She is a very good friend who understands everyone very well,
And for people who mess with her,she'll be even worse than hell.

How can I forget that she is also a wonderful debator,
If she sticks to some point,she can even defeat the creator.

What else can I say,the space here is very little,
Just want you to know that for all of us you are very special.

So,now I can write down what actually I wanted to say,
Dear Swati,wish you a very Happy Birthday.....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Relief

Open the window,open the door,
Oh get up Suzie,dont be a big bore.

You troubled me very badly last night,
Once I felt like switching on the light.

You were getting over me every 2nd hour,
Were you trying to show the female power.

And whenever I tried to pull you down,
You came up with doubled force and gave me a frown.

Whatever it was I enjoyed a lot,
Your love and affection was what I got.

I still love you as you are sitting in front of me now,
Please Suzie,just once,just once,say MEOWW!!!


You govern my heart and you govern my mind,
I hope you understand,please be kind.

Dont say no,please give it a start,
I promise I'll give you my most honest part.

Beauties are many but I found none,
After seeing you,I realized that for me,you are the only one.

I'll always keep you happy and never let you sad,
We'll be the best couple this world has ever had.

And even if at times there are any misunderstandings,
I'll make you happy with my guitar and the song that I'll sing.

So PLEASE think again coz I'm waiting to hear something new,
Please forgive me,I cant stop loving you...