Sunday, December 4, 2016

                             Way To Happiness!

It came from far and went back in a flash,
It came back again & in my fist it crashed,
You don't need to own everything to be lucky,
Even the progressing waves of the sea can make you happy!

The sparrow chirped in my ear & away it flew,
The sound was same but the song was new,
Don't wait to meet new people until you become inventive,
How you decipher the same voices everytime is what makes you creative.

A sunny day it was but rain started to pour,
A gloomy day finally ended with a colorful rainbow @ four.
Don't lose hope when time is not right,
Remember- every dark lining is surrounded by light.

So when current status is not how you want it to be,
Sea waves and bird chirps are still there to make you happy.
At times, life can be really really silly,
But remember- Winning is not about doing different things, but doing things differently.

Cheers!  :)

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